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Clients and Testimonials


Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten

As Zaku's European Representative, I assist with the translation of marketing and website content on an ongoing basis, while also running events and tastings with both the trade and consumers in the UK and select European markets.

​For enquiries regarding Zaku in European markets, please email 

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J.S. Held LLC

“Henry co-presented with us at the International Cargo Insurance Conference. He covered how sake is made, how it can be damaged during transportation and storage, and then lead a blind tasting to see if some members of the organising committee could identify which ones were tainted. Henry went the extra mile to make all the preparations for his part of the seminar including supplying the sake and deliberately tainting some bottles for the tasting. He was a terrific speaker and successfully conveyed his extensive knowledge in an amusing and engaging way. Our seminar was a huge success and, on a personal level, Henry was a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much Henry!!”

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